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March 07, 2016

February 26, 2016

Namibia Statistics Agency and Federation Partner on data collection

The Shack Dwellers Federation-Namibia Housing Action Group and the Namibia Statistics Agency signed a Memorandum of Understanding ,  in order to set out respective areas of cooperation , the  Honorable Deputy minister of Urban and Rural Development D J Klazen gave a key note at the ceremony . 

From left: Mr. Osia Kaakuha Director of operation NSA, Ms. Ndamona Kali Acting Statitian General NSA, Dr. Anna Muller  NHAG National Coordinator, Ms. Edith  Mbanga and Hon. D J Klazen Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development .

The Hon. Councillor of the Moses Garueb Constituency David Martin welcomed the members , saying we are moving towards improving the houses in the settlement to brick houses . The Councillor was instrumental in the data collection process for the federation in Havana. 

Standing: Hon, Councillor of Moses Garuab Constituency David Martin Welcoming the members

The Namibia Statistics Agency is established in terms of section 6 of the Statistics Act, Act ,No 9 of 2011 as the Central repository for all statistics produced in Namibia and mandated to collect, produce, analyse and disseminate official and other statistics in Namibia. And also to facilitate the capture, management, maintenance, integration, distribution and use of spatial data for planning and development purpose.
Both Parties recognize the importance of sharing information and the  NSA prime position in the provision of statistical and spatial data and its maintenance and integration is to serve as a base for the implementation of the National Development Plan Four (NDP 4) for the government.
Ms Ndamona Kali , the Acting statistician General informed the gathering , on the  position of the NSA , which is to maintain the national master sample frame. The frame  is not static as changes in population and structures and movement of people affects it. Thus it is important to conduct regular updates of the frame. The  Memorandum of Understanding seeks to synchronize means, resources and methods to better speak to needs of the parties involved and the population.
Mama Edith Mbanga the National Facilitator of the federation gave an overview of the importance of using community members in data collection , this assist in ensuring that the data will reflect the situation on the ground and will assist government and community members in planning for better services and upgrading. 
The Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development , put emphasis on the need to have statistics on the housing issues in Namibia and also outlined the problem of allocating un-serviced land to the low income communities and further appeal to business people in the country to help in the process of servicing land. He further mentioned the importance of having high quality statistical and geographical (spatial) data and the vitality of the information accuracy. The Deputy Minister pointed out the importance of having access to information saying, it is of a very big importance to the community and the government at large. He mention that accurate (statistical and spatial ) information play a critical role in the planning of the country development at national and regional level and expressed his appreciation on the collaboration of the federation with the ministry of Urban And Rural Development and showed gratitude to the parties for agreeing to work together .

The NSA shall provide the following technical assistance and support:

  • Share resources e.g. maps and required data (spatial or statistical if available)
  • Provide training where needed as per the National Statistical System (NSS) framework– e.g. mapping and GPS training
  • Enhance capacity building by involving community members from the SDFN/NHAG to participate in field activities within informal settlements
  • Source for updated information from the SDFN/NHAG on a regular basis as updates become available.

Responsibility of NHAG and SDFN 

The SDFN and NHAG shall provide the following:
  • Share resources e.g. maps and required (spatial or statistical if available)
  • Consult the NSA if there is knowledge gaps befitting training from the NSA
  • Share information on planned and ongoing mushrooming/developments in informal areas as they observe
  • Provide names of qualifying, competent and dedicated individuals when needed to the NSA for incorporation in the fieldwork activities undertaken by the NSA in their respective areas
  • Ensure that data collected from the settlements and supplied to the NSA are reliable and fit to provide evidence-based development planning


February 15, 2016

The Financial Literacy Initiative and the alliance Namibia Housing Action Group and Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia signs MoU

Namibia Housing Action Group (NHAG) and the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN) Alliance signed an MOU on the 11 February 2016 whereby they agree to partner with the Financial Literacy Initiative (FLI) in order to educate their members on financial literacy.

The alliance’s mandate is not only to improve living conditions by providing affordable land tenure and housing but also to empower and support low income communities to improve their financial situation. SDFN assist members with small business loans to start and develop businesses in order to increase their incomes. The SDFN saw a need to improve business skills of the members and subsequently their Patron Madame Monica Geingos, the First Lady of the Republic of Namibia introduced FLI to the SDFN.  Following the first training workshop they decided to become a platform supporter of the FLI. Through this cooperation, the SDFN aimed to bring financial literacy and businesss skills to more households in the community.   During the signing ceremony Edith Mbanga the National Facilitator of the SDFN emphasised on the importance of the financial literacy training:  “We want changes in the way we manage our finances” she said

The Memorandum identifies the criteria’s for cooperation between the partners and the key areas for providing support to each other. This includes representation to Annual General Meetings, strategic workshops and provision of Financial Literacy Training Programmes to the platform supporters.
SDFN is a network of housing saving schemes with a membership of more than 20,000 members country-wide, it aims to improve living conditions of low-income people living in shacks, rented rooms and those without any accommodation, while promoting women’s participation. FLI on the other hand is a national platform which is mandated to improve the financial skills of private individuals and micro, small and medium enterprises. The initiative currently consists of more than 25 official Platform Supporters from the private, public and civil sectors in Namibia who jointly strive to address the target groups’ needs with regard to financial competence and consumer protection

Commissioned by the government of Germany, the FLI was initiated in 2009 by the Ministry of Finance with the support of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ, German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation).

FLI also employs interactive educational methods like street theatre, TV and Radio shows as well as courses on finance for private individuals as well as small and medium enterprises in Namibia.

Companies interested in the FLI Financial Wellness Workplace Program are welcome to contact the FLI secretariat.